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What is User Experience, you ask?

It is the difference between practice and art. Between putting elements on an interface because we can, and knowing which ones are going to disappear in the background most effectively. Between forcing users to experience our design rather than their journey. It’s the difference between saying, “I see what you did there” and “I can’t […]

Going home

Imagine being a sailor in the 15th century with only magnetic compasses, astrolabes or quadrants to help make sense of where in the world you are. Imagine crossing the Equator for the first time, looking up at the stars and seeing nothing you recognize. Imagine feeling utterly, completely lost. Nothing familiar to refer to. Eventually, trip […]

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The mixtape, it is here

Here it is, the mixtape in all its glory. Off to listening ALL THE SONGS. (Song with an asterisk in the list below are not in this playlist, as I couldn’t find them on YouTube. You can still use the links below, with the exception of  Militskvinder, which appears to be blocked for listening in the US.) […]

The mixtape, in progress, with songs

Last week I asked the internet to make me a mixtape, which I will listen to on Friday, August 16. Some of the internet listened and this is a running list of the songs that came my way this far. Interestingly, there were a couple of duplicate entries (same song, different people) which I deleted. […]

Make me a mixtape

Last week I had a conversation about mixtapes on Twitter. It started with this. remember when friends made you mix tapes? that. — alberta soranzo (@albertatrebla) July 30, 2013   Now, If you’re as old as I am, you probably do remember that time and the immense pleasure it gave you to receive a mixtape. […]

All the words

All the words. Man, all the words are so important. When you are one who doesn’t use too many words, one who’s learned that words—everything really, is better kept to a minimum, every. single. word. matters. Agonize over number punctuation choice order syntax capitalization grammar spelling number of characters. Think. Censor. Talk. Write. Delete. Conversations […]

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Ever since I was a child I’ve had a recurring dream. In the dream, I am falling from a place high up into a deep body of water underneath. I always know before I fall that I am going to, and, much as I try to avoid falling, I always do. There’s never a big […]


Just do it

Close your eyes and picture this. It’s the beginning of June in the early nineties, seven in the morning and the air is warming up. Two kids — he twenty-two, she twenty-one, driving too fast in a red Lancia Delta, on a freeway toward the Mediterranean. One minute they’re singing out loud to a song […]

It’s the small things

About a year ago, someone I worked with passed away rather unexpectedly. A memorial website was set up where people could leave messages for the family and share their memories of him. One of my coworkers left a note that has stayed with me since. Whenever he greeted me, he always looked me in the […]